Aark Collective, designing time


The AÄRK Collective approach to design is neither rushed nor forced; it is considered, nurtured and organic. Design is undertaken with originality and sincerity.

Aiming for perfect harmony between design, functionality and aesthetics, AARK Collective meticulously scope and constantly refine each detail; the essential structure of each watch is inspired by our appreciation of geometry, graphic elements and minimalist design.

It is the process of balancing these factors with the unique function of each movement that forms the individual characteristics of our timepieces.

It’s a rare occurrence to come across a watch with a unique graphic vocabulary, the watches by Aark Collective, a young Australian brand, is a great example of a different take on the classic watch. Whether their bold and quirky look is appealing is really up to you, but either way, you haven’t seen watches quite like these before.

The first collection by Aark Collective consisted of 3 models in a handful of colours. First, there is the 38mm “Classic”, second is the 40mm “Timeless” and lastly is the 42mm “Iconic”, all are powered by Miyota Quartz movements. Each watch, which are ordered from simplest/cheapest to most complex/expensive, takes a basic watch type and uses simple geometry to transform the expected dials and indexes into something abstract and distinct; for example, all of the watches feature triangular crowns, which is a subtle, but unexpected detail.

The second collection by Aark Collective consists of 4 new models in a few colours. There is the “Shell” in brown and white. “Eclipse”  a gold and black combination. The “Tide” which comes in both Brown/Silver and Black/Gold. And finally the “Eon” in black and silver, with two strap options, steel and leather which you can change yourself.

AÃRK watches are made to be loved and to last.

From precision Swiss and Japanese Quartz movements to hand-dipped casings and soft Horween Leather straps, we choose and customise the highest quality components for each AÃRK timepiece.

Combining the values of traditional craftsmanship with the best contemporary manufacturing techniques, each of our watches is made with care and made to last. Quality is often tied to beauty but we put just as much thought into the parts that most people won’t see. We’re not yet sure if this is a gift or a curse—but we do know it’s all for your enjoyment.

About Aark

Aark are a  team of four Melbourne-based creatives linked by family and a love of design. Their influences are diverse but they share a desire to make objects that are lasting and unique. Focused on simple forms and obsessed with tiny details the designers inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty in wearable design. Most of all, they love sharing their work with likeminded people.

We are AÃRK Collective.