Ahlem Eyewear: designed in France, fashion worldwide

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Designer Ahlem Manai-Platt, a Paris native living in Los Angeles, has a long-standing fascination with the relationship between beauty, functionality and design. The culmination of her passions has resulted in the development of Ahlem Eyewear.
“I wanted my collection to represent the real Paris, a city that isn’t defined by brands or trends, but rather by the people – a mix of artists and intellects who work hard and hustle, yet who take time to relax and play as well.”
Each frame is named after a neighbourhood in Paris, as full of life and character as the area they represent.

Handmade in France

Each pair of frames is entirely made by hand, with uncompromising attention to detail. Mazzuchelli and vintage acetates used are all hand-selected. The Cridal lenses from French optical company Christian Dalloz, provide superior UVA/UVB protection with built-in anti-reflective coating. Every pair of glasses is created with the utmost respect for material and process.
While the frames may look familiar at first, it’s the subtle touches that reveal Ahlem Eyewear’s signature: beveled temples, rounded edges and a finely-curved nose bridge invites an interplay between hard and soft elements, while a unique metal and rubber binding on the hinges adds stability.
“I really pay attention to every single detail, never compromise on quality because. I want to be able to stand behind every piece I make.”

Vintage Acetate

On a recent sourcing trip in Europe, Ahlem fell in love with these rare sheets of vintage acetate, originally produced by the iconic Mazzucchelli family in Italy. Culled from a limited batch of raw, vintage stock, these pieces are highly collectible and no longer produced today. The vintage acetates are incredibly multifaceted, with unique colours and textures that change depending on the light. It is rare today to see so many colours layered together in one sheet of acetate, and the handmade nature of the pieces means that each is one of a kind. Mazzucchelli has been producing acetate since 1849 and the quality and touch is unrivaled.

Christian Dalloz Cridal Lenses

When it comes to buying glasses, Ahlem believes that a beautiful frame should be paired with the right lenses. That is why they use Cridal lenses from French optical company, Christian Dalloz. With more than 50 years of experience in lens technology, the company offers the most complete and advanced line of optical and sun lenses in the industry today.
Cridal lenses are 100% compatible with acetate and offer excellent resistance to stress cracking, while also passing the 45 m/s low energy impact test required in eye protection standards. In addition, Cridal lenses offer excellent transparency without light diffusion, allowing for clean, clear vision free from any distortion.
Produced entirely in France, Cridal lenses are held to the highest manufacturing regulations for quality and standards. The lenses are made from a recyclable thermoplastic material, resulting in a low carbon footprint and responsible environmental practices.