Carter Bond, Never Established – Future classics inspired by the natural world


Known for its fabulous style, perfect fit and durability, Carter Bond eyewear rocks the runways with its timeless pieces.

Carter Bond is the natural world transformed. Using a combination of different materials from wood finished acetates to natural bamboo and wood the Carter Bond approach to fashion is inspired by the power of the make and those who made it.

Since 2009 Carter Bond has created one of the finest eyewear brands in the world, and was one of the first to produce wood-finish acetates using natural looking materials that can be easily adjusted, providing a beautiful product to work with and to wear.

Dedicated to superior comfort and fit, using natural materials to create quality and style the collection will always embody the essential values of lasting quality, style, comfort and fit.

Carter Bond is designed by the renowned Australian optical fashion king, Jonathan Hennessy Sceats.

We have a large range of the Carter Bond brand in store as it is one of our most loved brands!

Jono Hennessy Sceats, the man behind the fashion-favourite Carter Bond eyewear once said that creating beautiful glasses is not just about making them look good but also ensuring superior quality, comfort and fit. This alone makes Carter bond eyewear a staple in every closet of a tasteful Australian.

The remarkable history of the famous eyewear follows the tradition of superb quality and runway-worthy collections inspired by time and elegance. Established in the 1960’s by Filmer Sceats, the first optometrist in Australia’s capital city, Carter Bond eyewear’s first bespoke frames were made. Located on the corner of Martin Place and Pitt Street, Sydney, was where Sceats first produced bespoke frames that were sold to individual patients. Handmade and brightly coloured frames gave Sceats eye clinic the artisan salon feel which earned him a place in the fashion industry decades later.

86 years young

After 86 years of producing sophisticated frames for consumers around the world, Carter Bond eyewear continue to pierce through the world of fashion by dynamic improvements in design technology and quality construction. Carter Bond eyewear’s storied past has been its influence in creating frames that are considered classic with a modern twist.
Carter Bond’s affordable eyewear will satisfy the taste of every discriminating fashionista.

And as history often to repeats itself,  Jono’s success has been paramount again, stocked in Australia and over the world.

Today, the company offers a wide selection of eyewear for every of type of person. Every frame has its own attitude and personality which makes it a brand for everyone.

The beauty of Carter Bond eyewear is not only are they defined by the design but also the materials used and the cutting-edge technology applied in the manufacturing process. Only high quality materials are used to make sure that your Carter Bond frames will last long. Take a look at some of the finest pieces of this global iconic brand.