Holloway, for travellers, adventurers and creative crew


Holloway locally admire and create essentials for life. World seasonal foods, world music, boutique eyewear and custom watches to name a few. Here at Oki & Oro we stock their beautiful one of a kind watches.

Holloway is the common place in Brisbane for radical applications of natural design to everyday life. Specialising in boutique manufacture, fresh home style world food cuisine, start-up branding and heated debates, Holloway is a sanctum for the thinkers.

An Environmental Movement by merging scavenged materials and utilising natural processes for essential needs while reducing destruction and waste. In order to highlight the possibility of responsible manufacturing, to ensure the prolonged existence of nature and encourage all to design and exist with nature in mind.

Creating whilst reducing the impact from their creation of essential products for people, neutralising the effect of others who have gone before us. Making with and standing for Environmental & Social Protection

 The Antonov & The Babylon

There are two series of watches so far from Holloway, the Antonov and the Babylon.

Both these models come in a variety of materials, all though, have a Kangaroo leather band and a Swiss Ronda movement. These timepieces each make a unique statement as the finish of each watch is different.

Holloway likes to use materials like; Bio-resin, Skate boards, Walnut, Princess Ebony, Teak, Cooper and stripped Zebrano. Most of Holloway’s materials are sourced from Australia, if not, Italy and Papua New Guinea.

Design Earth Created, Creating to Reduce.