IC! berlin, screwless eyewear


Each pair of ic! berlin glasses really are produced in Berlin, Germany.

 ic! berlin frames are luxury products, hand-finished, piece by piece.

When you hold a pair of ic! berlin glasses in your hands, you can feel why all  the effort 
is justified: the glasses captivate you with their stability of form and their flexibility. The rounded edges caress your fingers. With ic! berlin there is no compromise, there are no screws, solder, or weld and no pair of ic! berlin glasses can fall apart leaving you with its individual components and unable to put them back together again!

The Ic! Berlin philosophy

The time of fashion is over, people tired of the always new, the rotations of consumption. The bow is overdrawn: Too much – too much!“ we shout, as we fall back into our seat tired from the noise of our time, to shut our eyes and ears. Before fashion there was crafts. The too little,  the absence. What was there had to be good, to be preserved over time. Manufacture: hand made. Not always buying new –looking after something, repairing, mending were virtues of time. A pair of shoes to last a lifetime. Preindustrial life ran smoothly, structured. With the industrial revolution, came the efficiency of mechanisation and step by step more could be produced; more than people needed. Prosperity spread out over social classes. The “surge” for the “great –more.”

More or less. More, but less. 
Quality decreases, the amount increases. At the end of the high frequency of the ever new, the waves of fashion generated by advertising, in order to obtain the consumption upright when demand is covered.

If the market is saturated, small changes help to secure sales: delimitations in the smallest space. It don’t have to be shoes, but red shoes, shoes with buckles and eyelets. Each season, a different colour, different shape, until pre-season sale and the new goes directly to the junk.
At the end of this development there we are, and without that it would take us back to the Middle Ages, it takes us back towards quality and the consciously “less is more”: For better, for quality, for which one consciously chooses. Good and valuable, good and cheap, because of quality.

The product, whose story is well known, with a face and character. Authenticity is the key word of the new era. Enlightened consumers who want to know what is behind and in the products – that don’t want to hear retouched glossy stories.

To manufacture something, to own something that is more than the sum of its parts, not spit out off handless machines with no history of distant worlds. The Near, understandable, tangible. Manufactured with hands in our own production – by human beings. That is were the journey goes. A revolution: from back to front! From the Middle Ages to the post-industrial world of manufactured products. ic! berlin ready-made glasses – in our own manufacture, in Berlin, by human beings. Valuables for eyes on noses. Without breaking points. ic! berlin glasses remain for a lifetime.

Of this one must be able to live. Outright without any advertising gibberish. We manufacture glasses for your face. For round, oblong, oval, square, angular, soft, large, small faces. Glasses that are exciting, quiet, silent. Always functional, pleasant on nose and skin. Harmoniously balanced, if not deliberate restlessly yelling. Stable and in a rhythm of its own time. No hasty fashion movements and Trend-deadlocks – and consequently a nose ahead fashions and trends.