Jono Hennessy, influence, inspiration and design


Jono Hennessey is the 21st century brand of much-loved Australian designer Jonathan Hennessy Sceats.

Hailed as ‘an excellent example of Australian design production’, Jono is a qualified optometrist but gave it up in favour of frame design. He produces frames with a unique personal style using an extensive array of unusual materials such as inlaid silk fabric and bamboo wood – a must see and one of our personal favourites.

Jono Hennessey grew up watching his father perform eye tests and expertly fashion bespoke frames. Raised on these same principles he developed a great love for the craft and inherited the same devotion to quality and workmanship

Jono Hennessey frames are handcrafted by eyewear artisans who are proud of what they create. Influence, inspiration and design are coupled with superior handmade material. FashionFashion eyewear is all about creating something new and being excited about it. Beneath the Jono Hennessey brand is a product that Jono takes very seriously so you can look your best.

An Australian icon

Jono, starting designing his eyewear 25 years ago. He inherited boxes of frames from the 50’s and 60’s from his optometrist father. This became a design influence when he created his own brand, which rapidly became a must-have accessory. Jono’s eyewear, drawings and tools are held in the permanent design collection at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Hailed as an excellent example of Australian design that combines quality materials and precision production with personal innovation.

His new range, JONO HENNESSY was released in Silmo in 2007. He uses innovative new materials developed by Jono with his factories, with a selection of re-worked vintage frames from the archive of over 2000 models. Not only is the style original, the fit is exemplary, and you look and feel fabulous.

This iconic master of Australian eyewear was behind the bright pop art meets surf culture frames and sunnies from the 80s.

Today Jono Hennessey is an Australian label with an international flavour. Fashion forward designs, handcrafted quality and available only at independent optometrists