March LA.B : a tribute to the timeless elegance of vintage watches
March LA.B Watches

March LA.B is a France-made luxury timepiece brand with headquarters in Los Angeles, California and Biarritz, France. Striking a balance between modern L.A. style and French heritage detailing, the brand’s designs embody opposite yet complimentary aesthetics and create a new transversal time zone.

Rooted in vintage inspiration, these timepieces are refined in their simplicity and assert the philosophy that less is more.

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About March LA.B

A sports enthusiast and a father of four, Alain Marhic is a man who has cultivated his passions founding 2 windsurfing academies in Brittany during the early 1990’s as well as having had a successful modeling career. He joined the Quiksilver group in 1999 working at their world headquarters Cote Basque, near Biarritz. Eventually assuming the position of Director of Operations for the eyewear and watch divisions. With a vast business experience as well as an eye for design, fashion, and product development, Alain developed an acute sense of brand management working for a global giant in the action sports industry. In 2008, he made the audacious decision to leave everything behind. Driven by his passion for product he started the March LA.B odyssey. He is its founder and CEO.

March LA.B is a tribute to the timeless elegance of vintage watches.

The company’s self-imposed creative requirement is to design timeless styles that will transmit to future generations, following the example set by the most exceptional watches of the past decades. The Mage–Marhic tandem focuses on that aesthetic concept to reveal outstanding timepieces, which are minimal, elegant and lower-profile with balanced proportions complimentary with the style of today’s urban dandy.

March LA.B offers 3 collections. 3 distinct directions symbolizing the temperaments and styles of its 3 founders:

  • The AM series is the purest collection. A classic and timeless watch at ease in every situation.
  • The JC series is the most classic collection. A subtle inspiration for a more elegant proposition.
  • The JM series is the most exclusive collection.

A unique vision for the true dandies. Finally, March LA.B introduces a timepiece, as anecdotal as it is timeless; the “1805”, a truly inspired “Napoleonic” pocket watch. An homage to the unmistakable style of the First French Empire.