Monoqool, eyewear from Denmark


Monoqool is an innovative Danish eyewear company. In 2010, the first collection was launched. Since then the company has won 7 international design awards.

Danish eyewear companies have a proud tradition of innovative eyewear. The Monoqool NXT range is no exception. Presenting photo chromic eyewear, where the frame is changing colour when exposed to sunlight.

It all started with the Monoqool patented spiral hinge frames designed here in Denmark. In 2009, they presented the eyewear world with a truly unique innovation – their patented spiral hinge frames. The result was the NXT series which has won several international design awards. Today, they have taken innovation to yet another level with the 3D printed IQ series.
A revolutionary way of designing and making eyewear here in Denmark. Where other manufacturers move manufacturing to low costs country they dare to challenge the way eyewear is made, and move in a completely different direction..

Their vision is to become the worlds most innovative eyewear company. Designing the most comfortable, lightweight and wearable range of glasses is on the top of their agenda every day. The future is bright and Monoqool will continue to seek for the unique, the excellent and absolute genius in the art of making the perfect designed eyewear. Not doubting for a moment to revealing small wonders in their search for a new revolution. Monoqool will continue to strive to develop innovative eyewear that excites their customers.

Here at Oki and Oro we stock the NXT Series. No screws, no bolts no welds – just innovation and geometry. The spiral hinge combined creates a unique design that has already won several international design awards. Character meets simplicity in the NXT range, which fills out the gap between metal and acetate frames.