Persol, Per il sole


Persol is derived from “per il sole,” which, in Italian, means “for the sun” and has been a symbol of Italian eyewear for more than 90 years. Formed in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti, the company originally catered to pilots and sports drivers, currently being more famous for its durable sports sunglasses.

Persol is an iconic brand with an extensive heritage that roots from years of in depth research, quality and a loyal love for detail. A brand whose trademark supreme silver arrow, an ornate element that’s brought the brand worldwide recognition of its very particular style.

More than 90 years of style

Since the beginning, Persol has always been synonymous with artistic expression, the result of a special production process that is carried out entirely in Italy and consisting of craftsmanship, culture, passion and dedication. Persol is a brand that marries culture of excellence and attention paid to details to create a perfect alchemy between aesthetics and technology. Persol frames are more than just glasses, they are works of art.

Of the great number of models created over the nearly 100 years of their history, quite a few selection have found a place as iconic products because of their unique design. To highlight their timeless glamour, Persol now rediscovers the origins of these models and revisits them. Including models like: 649 Series, 741 Series, Cellor Series and the Steven McQueen TM Special Edition.