Prada, classic and fashionable


Fashionable Prada eyewear. Whatever Prada product you’re using, they are distinctive beyond time. The unique Prada eyewear brand has not changed its trend and creates individual pieces of art. Always inspiring and versatile.

Internationally-renowned for their elegant quality designs, their eyewear sets trends with beautiful styles that will get you noticed wherever you are.

Founded in the year 1913 by Mario and Martino Prada in Milan, Italy, the brand steadily grew into one of the world’s most popular brands in designer eyewear. Luisa Prada, Mario Prada’s daughter, took over the business and ran it successfully for the next twenty years. By that time, the company had purchased other brands to become one of the top luxury brands in Europe. In 1999, Prada and De Rigo group joined hands to form Prada eyewear. The company continues to go from strength to strength – adding skin care, fragrance and footwear lines to their impressive portfolio. Their expansion into designer eye wear seemed a natural choice – if you’re going to go down the designer route, you might as well have it from head to toe! Their range of designer eyewear has been taken up by celebrities across the globe, with many ditching the trademark celeb Ray-Bans in favour of the Prada models. The designer glasses are also available with prescription lenses, making sure that glasses-wearers aren’t missing out.

Soon after their launch, Prada eyeglasses and sunglasses were an instant hit among the masses. Their eyewear collection and other products reached great milestones under the tenure of Miuccia Prada, Luisia Prada’s daughter, and her husband Bertelli.

Prada eyewear offers high-quality eyeglasses and sunglasses in unique and exquisite styles. From celebrities to politicians, their designer eyewear has been spotted on people around the world. Prada eyeglasses have a huge fan following across the globe, because they always makes a bold fashion statement.

Prada sunglasses are available in a variety of colours and styles that can be chosen to match any outfit. While most people associate wearing sunglasses with spending time outdoors in the summer, protective sunglasses should be worn throughout the year to prevent the damage that UV rays can do to unprotected eyes. In addition to providing adequate protection, Prada offers accessories such as a luxurious microfiber pouch and a hard case, that are made to keep glasses looking their best.

Set apart from the crowd

Prada eyewear will set you apart from the crowd! Their eyewear comes in unique styles that help fashion lovers stand out. There are also limited edition designs that offer an even greater opportunity for uniqueness. Shoppers may pay a premium for limited edition sunglasses, but the satisfaction of being the only person around who has that specific style is worth the expense for some.The Italian designer’s name in synonymous with luxury and elegance. Prada Eyewear reflects a certain style sense that can be matched with any high-end clothing.

Fashion may be the main reason that people invest in Prada sunglasses, but these accessories are also functional. High-quality UV protection is valuable for the days when the sun is out in full force. Sunglasses offer protection against blinding sunlight throughout the year. Prada sunglasses are designed to block out between 99 and 100 percent of the harmful UVA and UVB rays that can cause damage. The lenses are designed to prevent any light from reflecting and causing a glare. These sunglasses are also ideal for drivers who are faced with navigating when the sun is low in the sky.