Precious, dutch vintage spectacles with a rich tradition

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Self-willed people want self-willed spectacles. Authentic, pure and sustainable. Handmade and designed with love for the craft of spectacle making. Preciosa is the successful vintage brand of Frame Holland, the only spectacle factory in the Netherlands. Preciosa is a brand with a rich history. The first spectacles were already made in 1936. As of 2000, a complete vintage acetate collection of Dutch spectacles has been created, inspired by the rich tradition of the brand. Since then, the brand has been alive and kicking. All frames are designed and handmade in Holland.

About Preciosa

PRECIOSA VINTAGE EYEWEAR is the main brand of Frame Holland, the oldest and last remaining spectacle factory in the Netherlands. Eyetem is the other brand of Frame Holland and consists of a colourful metal collection. Eyetem is known for its up-to-date colours and a high wearer comfort. The Eyetem frames are light, strong and flexible and can be individually fitted by the optician. We harden the special bronze alloy in our own factory to obtain the right flexibility. Due to the unique choice of materials and treatment, Eyetem is distinctive on the market for metal frames.

The synthetic collection of Preciosa and the metal collection of Eyetem are designed, developed and manufactured in our factory in Burgerveen, close to Amsterdam. The crucial phases of the production process are still carried out manually. The fabrication and assembling of the parts, the finishing polish of the acetate spectacles, the final check, and the buffing of the spectacles before it enters the case are all done by hand.

The Frame Holland collections are aimed at quality-sensible and somewhat self-willed customers. With our affordable spectacles, independent opticians can distinguish themselves from the large optician chains that have standard assortments.

Preciosa – a family business

The history of Frame Holland goes back to 1936 when Willem Pieter Meulenberg started a spectacle factory under the name ENFA (Eerste Nederlandse Fabrikant van hoorn-, schildpad-, en doublémonturen, First Dutch Manufacturer of horn, tortoise shell and gold-filled spectacle frames). In his room in the attic of the house in Wassenaar, he first experimented with the production of combs, but he soon switched to spectacles. After 1950, the demand increased rapidly. Therefore, the business moved to Katwijk in 1954. Hans Borsboom, the father of the current three directors, became the owner in the early 1960s.

The name Preciosa was connected to the former establishment in Katwijk at the end of the 1940s. Hans Borsboom expanded the collections greatly from the 1960s onwards and created a large expansion abroad. He was aided in the management by his wife Conny for decades. The two sons, Hans and Menno, and daughter Saskia were involved in the development of the business from an early age. After the death of Hans sr. in 2007, they took over the business management. Their heart now lies in the further development of the brands Preciosa and Eyetem and the expansion of the number of national and international cooperating opticians. The rich tradition of the brand Preciosa is an important source of inspiration for them.

Designed and handmade in Holland

Preciosa VINTAGE EYEWEAR is ‘’designed and handmade in Holland’’. The reputation of the Dutch design products is growing. The quality of the Dutch products is acknowledged and recognised more and more in recent years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The optics market is now also aware that Dutch design can offer added value and is a nice addition to the standard assortment. The designs by Menno Borsboom increasingly find their way to opticians in the Netherlands and abroad. Presentations on prominent fairs, such as those in Milan and Paris, contribute to this.

We are lucky enough to have found Preciosa on a trip to Paris in 2014 and took on the brand directly from the source. Meaning we are the only stockists of Preciosa in all of Australia!


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