Woow Eyewear, who would have thought that your frame could be so talkative?


Woow you look awesome today!

Between the traditional and casual, the chic and off-beat and with a trendy London feel the WOOW Eyewear style resonates with men and women with a sense of humour. The little message inserted at the tip of the frame will make you smile every morning.

Who is WOOW?

The Woow Eyewear collection has-been imagined by Pascal and Nadine Roth Jaulent, cofounders of FACE to FACE. Between traditional and casual, chic and off-beat with a “trendy London” feel, the Woow Eyewear style will speak to all women and men with a sense of humour. Anti-Crisis Eyewear! The little messages inserted in the tip end of the frame will make the wearer smile first thing in the morning … Better than a coach!

Entirely developed by the Design Studio under the leadership of Pascal Jaulent, produced and distributed by the FACE to FACE teams. The Woow Eyewear collection Consists acetate in 14 models and 6 metal frames contents, each available in 6 colours, all manufactured entirely in Italy. The frames are characterised by a one coloured front and “sleeved” two-toned temples, the tip end bearing a little “poking” message. The soft, rounded metallic insert, covered by a thin layer of resin, is inspired by the famous keys of old typewriters.

Between tradition and casually chic and quirky style WOOW, accent “London connected” is for all those who like to take life with humour.

We love the Woow Eyewear range here at Oki and Oro with all its bright colours and fabulous chic shapes. If you want to stand out from the crowd you’ll love the Woow Eyewear range! So French!

The Woow Eyewear range is only as old as Oki and Oro is, founded in late 2013 the same time we opened, and what a fantastic partnership its been!