ACCESSORIES NEWSTEAD – Oki & Oro Boutique know that an outfit is not complete without the finishing touches. Come an see what’s in store at the Gasworks.

In our hand curated accessories range, you will find only the most luxurious adornments to compliment your style. 

plural noun: accessories
  1. a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

Handpicked Accessories

Accessories are a necessity as the perfect frames are not enough, to find your style you need accessories to match. From statement jewellery to classic pieces our artisan collection of hand picked accessories have accoutrements for every taste.  Our Secrid wallets and AHW Studio range are sophisticated and bold.

Discover Oki and Oro’s fashion accessory collection of designer pieces in store today.

Stunning Designs and Practical Solutions 

From the timeless leather elegance of Secrid’s slim wallets to the luscious form and function of AHW Studio’s steampunk jewellery, Oki and Oro have accessories to provide the finishing touches to any stylish outfit.

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