WATCHES NEWSTEAD – From AÃRK Collective fashion timepieces that will last a lifetime, Oki & Oro has the perfect gift of time for everyone.

The time may be on your phone, but time is combined with style when it’s on your wrist. In our selection of casual, fashionable Australian watches from Aãrk Collective, you’ll find quality, style and designs you enjoy wearing and that will complete your look. Oki & Oro’s perfect mix of fashion and craftsmanship make finding a watch in Newstead a pleasure.

The perfect combination of eye-catching style coupled with superior function, watchmakers and designers have poured love, experience and passion into the art of horology. At Oki & Oro Boutique our goal is to help you select a watch that complements your personality and style.

watches Newstead
watches Newstead

Watchmaking for the 21st Century

Oki and Oro Boutique showcase inspiring local and international designer timepieces to bring you the latest in style. Pieces featured in our range focus on a balance of function and beauty with organic form. The pieces display the contemporary simplicity of Aãrk Collective.

Visit our Newstead watch boutique to view our collection of watches and find something tailored to your individuality.

Our Artisan Watchmakers 

Our curated watch collection showcases modern minimalism of AÃRK Collective. In any piece in our range you will find the highest quality components with a refined style.

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